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December 30, 2016
The fat cats of foreign aid:

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Adam Smith, Esq. Consulting Services offers law firms deep analysis and concrete solutions leading to meaningful increases in performance—helping firms better prepare for tomorrow.

We work with firms of all sizes in all market segments. In every engagement, our overriding goal is to achieve meaningful improvements in performance through genuine insights into their business. Based in New York, we operate across the US and globally.

  • We approach each assignment as agnostics. By that, we mean we have no pre-conceived notions of what will or will not work at a particular firm—though of course our recommendations are based on our understanding of each firm’s distinctions. We go where our research and other available information lead us, with outputs informed by our deep understanding of the legal industry and other industries where we can draw applicable insights. Our work is deliberate, though not formulaic. We approach our work with energy, creativity and an open mind. Our ideal client is prepared to engage with us in an “idea-friendly” approach.
  • We work collaboratively with our clients. This means among other things that we’ll check in regularly during the process and will seek your inputs along the way. This allows for flexibility and mid-course corrections as the need arises, and ultimately in our opinion leads to preferred outcomes. We view proposals as starting points for conversations, not finished documents.
  • We look to incorporate a client’s existing, relevant material – backgrounders, data, interviews, insights, etc. into our work; we have neither the inclination nor desire to reinvent the wheel.
  • We provide our unvarnished opinions though we recognize that you are the client—and we’ll be highly supportive of whatever decisions are ultimately taken.
  • As to be expected, we approach all our work with the utmost confidentiality, discretion, and probity.

Strategic Development at Law Firms is a serious and necessary undertaking for a firm. There is a growing body of evidence supporting the fact that firms who (a) have a compelling strategies (b) and stick to them are more successful than firms who don’t.

Congressman Adam Smith discussing CIA interrogation policy.
Congressman Adam Smith discussing CIA interrogation policy.
Congressman Adam Smith: Small Businesses
Congressman Adam Smith: Small Businesses
Congressman Adam Smith on CNN Discussing airstrikes
Congressman Adam Smith on CNN Discussing airstrikes ...
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