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August 10, 2015
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‘Rothbard’s two-volume history of economic thought will inspire much fruitful discussion . . . Works that combine so much scholarship, clarity, freshness, and courage have become rare in economics.’
– Paul Heyne, The Independent Review

‘. . . the magnitude of Rothbard’s achievement was such that his legacy is assured; his contribution to the cause of liberty in America will not only endure but continue to grow in stature. As an economist, he succeeded in firmly establishing the Austrian school of economics in America, expanding and refining the legacy of his own mentor, the great Ludwig von Mises.’
– Justin Raimondo, Chronicles

‘To say that Murray Rothbard wrote with a polemical flair is an understatement of astonishing proportions. . . . The volumes are beautifully produced by Edward Elgar and anyone interested in Rothbard’s thought, the history of economic liberalism, and the history of economic thought in general, will want these volumes in their personal collection. An Austrian Perspective on the History of Economic Thought is vintage Rothbard, which means that the volumes are very readable, always unique in interpretation. . . . In short Rothbard’s An Austrian Perspective on the History of Economic Thought is a major contribution to the history of economic thought in general, and to Austrian economics in particular, and it deserves a wide circulation. It ranks with the contributions to intellectual history – not as a textbook of the wrong opinions of dead men, but as an original theoretical work whose intellectual story, if listened to, would surely overturn the received wisdom of our day and lead to a major recasting of the disciplines of economics and of political economy.’
– Peter J. Boettke, Economic Affairs

‘. . . no review can do justice to the scores and scores of insights and scholarly discoveries in this volume. . . . Murray Rothbard’s two volumes are a monument of twentieth century scholarship.’
– David Gordon, The Mises Review

‘. . . the most readable history of economic thought ever written. . .’
– Michael Prowse, America

‘. . . it provides an extremely wide-ranging treatment of the periods and topics it covers. . . . this is a controversial book, written from a clear-cut standpoint. . . . an extremely exciting, even brilliant book.’
– Roger E. Backhouse, History of Economic Thought

‘. . . consistently interesting and provocative – a pleasure to read. If you want a basic introduction to the development of economic ideas up to the mid-ninteenth century, I can’t think of a more stimulating and enjoyable way to get it. Rothbard delivers his message in a bombastic and prophetic manner, condemning all the huge mistakes of his predecessors and never revealing a moment of self-doubt. This is not the meticulous and carefully qualified tone of a philosopher in the natural law tradition such as Aquinas; it is the voice of a Luther or a marx.’
– Robert H. Nelson, Liberty

‘Rothbard – not just the libertarian guru but the joyful and indefatigable scholar – makes the thinkers even of reputedly dreary epochs come alive. . . Rothbard’s work helps underline why economists should study the history of thought. . . Rothbard’s work will provide inspiration for rising generations of Austrian economists.’
– Leland B. Yeager, The Review of Austrian Economics

‘Rothbard’s treatise makes a good case for the study of economic thought and provides a good introduction to Austrian economics by showing its links with earlier thinkers. . . . friend and foe alike will benefit from Rothbard’s atypical approach. His discussions of every thinker are enriched with insights on philosophy, history, religion, political movements, and the philosophy of science. The two volumes are jam-packed with information and research ideas.’

Economic Ideas That Will Never Die
Economic Ideas That Will Never Die
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James Smith Adam Lauder Jamming Ideas with band 2
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